About me

Hi there, I'm Anna, welcome to my little blog stylishimoto!

I write about all the things I love; fashion, travel, culture and of course food! I was born in Japan but grew up in England surrounded by English culture, English food and English weather! In July 2013 I arrived in Japan for my gap year with little knowledge of Japanese culture and could speak hardly any Japanese.

Soon after arriving in Japan I started this blog as a way for me to document my adventures and experiences in the land of the rising sun. Although this originally started out as a travel blog I have recently started to blog about whatever takes my fancy. However I do still write about Japan especially Kyoto which is the city where I lived.

After my gap year in Japan I moved back to England where I started studying Fashion Communication at Northumbria University in Newcsatle. I have just finished my first year of Uni and have come back to Japan for three months. Stick around and see what I get up to!


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