Saturday, 24 August 2013


On our first day in Tohoku we drove to Kakunodate. If you are ever in the Akita prefecture then this is a must. We went in Summer but it is best to visit in Spring to see the town in all its glory when the streets are painted pink by hundreds of Sakura trees.  
 It used to be a samurai stronghold and there are many Samurai houses you can go inside. The best one I went to was Aoyagi Samurai Manor Museum.  On display are items from 17th Century through to the 20th Century. There was an armoury with a collection of swords, helmets, guns and flags as well as flower dyed silk kimonos worn by samurai brides at weddings. Outside there is a small but beautiful botanical garden which contains many rare plants. The Aoyagi eight petal red weeping cerry is a species found only in this garden. So there is something there for everyone whatever your interests are.
 In April and May this street is full of beautiful cherry blossom and the many tourists who come to the famous view.
 Kakunodate is just as famous for it`s cherry blossom products.
 Inside a Aoyagi Samurai Manor Museum.


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