Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kyoto Today

I couldn't really think of an appropriate title for this post, as it is just a random collection of photos that I took today on my walk around Kyoto.

The sakura is still in bloom. It is now at the stage where the trees are a mix of green leaves and pink petals which looks beautiful. Also whenever there is a slight gust of wind, petals fall off the trees and swirl to the ground. In Japanese this is called sakura fubuki (桜吹雪 )meaning sakura snow storm. I also think it's lovely the way the petals collect on the ground and float down the river.

Apart from the cherry blossom I also photographed a couple of really cute signs advertising a Maiko costume rental company. Then, later on, I saw yet another couple taking wedding photos. Seriously, it's crazy the amount of times I have seen bridal couples taking photos under the cherry blossom for the last few weeks.