Thursday, 23 October 2014

Selfridges window displays

We were on a bus on our way to the John Lewis exhibition when it stopped outside Selfridges. 
Me, 'ooh look at those window displays.' 
Mum, 'do you want to get off now so you can take some photos?' 
Mothers know us so well don't they! I am always stopping to take photos of window displays and the ones in Selfridges were worth the extra walk.

The window displays were part of their campaign, Meet the Makers, which profiled some of the makers of food products sold in their stores. I really liked this idea and thought that the displays were very eye catching. While I was there they gained a lot of interest from passers-by; I could see other people were stopping to look at the windows.

Meet the cheese maker: Gringer Dairy

Meet the cake artist: Scott Hove

Meet the coffee roaster: Origin Coffee

Meet the brewers: Camden Town Brewery

Meet the charcutiers:  Cannon and Cannon

Meet the meringue makers: Meringue Girls

Meet the bug-eating blogger: Girl meets Bug

Meet the mixologist: Mr Lyan

My favourite window was the Girl meets Bug one as I love how it's set up as an American Diner. 
Which is your favourite?


  1. I love Selfridges, love that Mr Selfridge's legacy continues!

  2. Ha, I love them! So cleaver. Girl meets Bug might be my favourite too! z

    1. It was the most eye catching for me because of the colours and the way it had been styled!

  3. they're incredible! I love when people push the boundaries of creativity!