Friday, 27 February 2015

Food and Cocktails in York

I had a week off from Uni last week so I went back home to York. While there I met up with my two best friends Abbie and Sophie and we went out for a meal and cocktails to celebrate Sophie's 20th birthday. 

We started of at Bills, a restaurant along Coney Street in the center of York. It was my first time to go but I had been wanting to go for a while. I love the decor inside; chandeliers, candles, open ceiling, chalkboards and it's split into different areas which makes it feel more intimate. The staff were all so polite (and good looking!) The food was delicious. I had marinated chicken skewers served with cous cous and pitta bread, the other two both had a halloumi and hummus burger which they both said was great. For pudding we all had warm mini cinnamon doughnuts with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce which, oh my god, I can so recommend!

The atmosphere was so nice in Bills that we stayed there for two hours. After that we moved on to The Biltmore, another place which I have been really wanting to go to for a while. The Biltmore is a restaurant upstairs and a bar downstairs. They have a great choice of cocktails, they are expensive though. Since going I have read that they offer a student discount which I wish we had known previously. I had the Singapore Sling which was amazingly good.

After The Biltmore we went around the corner to BoraBora, a very different type of bar but just as good! I had a great night, it was lovely to see my friends again and all three places I would definitely go back to.

Marinated chicken skewers

Halloumi and hummus burger

Warm mini cinnamon doughnuts

Cocktails at The Biltmore

Have you been wanting to try any new restaurants or bars?


  1. Makes me want to go there again!! :( Will have to go again.. and maybe again!!! ;)

    Your bessie, Abbiee!! :) xxxxxxx

    1. Yes we deffo have to again, was so good!! Thanks for the lovely comment ;) x

  2. I love York so much - ever been to these places though. Looks like you had so much fun!

    1. York is a lovely place :) thanks we did have loads of fun! x