Sunday, 12 January 2014

run, run as fast as you can...

So, a bit of a break from all the Okinawa posts. Today it was the women`s ekiden in Kyoto. An ekiden is like a relay marathon. There were 47 teams, one from each prefecture of Japan. Kyoto won! Usually the teams from Kansai are near the front and the teams from warmer areas down south are near the end, like Okinawa. Some of the runners were high school or junior high students.

The route started with a circuit at Nishikyogoku Sports Park and then made it`s way through Kyoto. Part of the route went really near our house so we went to watch as they ran past. We were stood near where they passed the sash to the next runner.

There was also an ekiden in December for high school boys but we missed most of it and only saw the last three runners. One of the teams which came near the end was Tokyo. Dad`s comment was, "ah Tokyo boys are slow, they spend too much time playing in Shinjuku!"

A photograph of photographers

Runners waiting for their team mates

What a lively bunch of spectators. The blue cones were for cheering, but I think only the old lady next me used hers.

26: Kyoto

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