Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nara day trip: part two

After visiting Yakushiji Temple we made our way to Nara park. Before we even got there, there were deer wandering around freely everywhere. From a distance they look so cute but once you have some food in your hand the wild side comes out. There are stalls every few metres selling senbei (a type of biscuit) to feed to the deer. As soon as I bought a packet I was surrounded by deer. I was trying to take the packaging off but they didn't want to wait so they started biting and tugging and my clothes! I got a bit panicked so I just shoved the food into my Dad`s hand! Eventually we managed to feed them and then ran off!
After all the excitement we headed towards Todaiji, one of Japan`s most famous temples. Many people visit here to see the Daibutsu, one of Japan`s largest bronze statues of Buddha. The statue is 15 metres tall and his hand is as tall as a human being! I was surprised to see that you were allowed to take photos inside, however it was difficult to get a good photo because of the light. Also very popular is a pillar with a hole the size of the Daibutsu`s nostril! Apparently if you can squeeze through this hole you will reach enlightenment! The children found it easy but I saw some people who had to be pulled through by their friends!

Everyone was taking photos of this boy with a circle of deer around him!



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