Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Festival time again!

I was starting to get festival withdrawal after going a whole month without going to any! However I have found quite a few going on in Kyoto this month. The only problem is that they are all on the same days. Last Sunday I had two festivals planned but due to a typhoon and lots of rain I decided to give one of them a miss. But no amount of rain would have stopped me going to the other one! It was called Seiryu-e Festival and was at Kiyomizu Temple.
There was a long dragon marionette which danced through the temple and then the local streets. Despite the rain there was a big crowd of people there so I couldn't get a good view of it dancing in the temple. But when it went into the streets we stayed in the temple for a small ceremony. I`m not quite sure exactly what was happening but there were men in strange long grey gowns and women who looked like they had come from Venice Carnivale!  As I was walking out of the temple suddenly I heard the dragon arriving and got a great view as it went past. It even bowed at me as it went past! (Well not me but whatever it was I was stood in front of!) 


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