Thursday, 24 October 2013

Back in the blogosphere

Ok so I realise that I have abandoned my blog for over one month, oops! However it isn`t because I have been lazy, it`s due to a chain of events which I guess you could just call excuses. To start off with I was ill, then I went to Tokyo and had a super busy schedule, the my mum came to visit, then I started a new school term and then on top of it all my laptop decided to have a holiday and stop working. Anyway, all is fine now and I have lots of interesting stuff to post about including all the fun things I got up to in Tokyo! I have been before but can`t actually remember it because I was very young, so in a way this felt like my first time to go to Tokyo so I was super excited. We all know that Tokyo is a buzzing metropolis where anything is possible, but to be there and to experience it for yourself is truly wonderful.

The very first photo I took when I arrived in Tokyo

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