Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jidai Matsuri Parade

On the 22nd of October it was Jidai Matsuri which is the second biggest festival in Kyoto after Gion Matsuri. It is a parade from the Imperial Palace to Heian Jingu. The Parade consists of people dressed up in costumes from different periods in Japan`s history. Although the main parade is beautiful and an interesting insight into Japanese history I personally prefer the part before the parade, the build up to the main event. I went to the Imperial Palace and half nine and saw all the participants arriving in their costumes. It all felt much more relaxed and less formal. Because of this there were hardly any other tourists and I was able to get up close.
Walking along side the morning traffic 

Even the 'Emperor' has to wait at the zebra crossing

Entering the Imperial Palace

Lunch time!

Even samurai need help tying their shoe laces!

The start of the official parade

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