Wednesday, 30 October 2013

feeling inspired...

After going to the Elliot Erwitt exhibition I came away feeling really inspired. I love the magic of his photos, how he makes the evreryday things seem interesting and comical. Also I love the effect of black and white photography. Since the Kahitsukan is near Gion I went for a wander around. But instead of following all the tourists on the main streets I took some of the less busy back streets and just took photos of everything around me. After I Gion I walked back home along Kamo Gawa river. When I got home I immediately uploaded them to my laptop and changed some of them to black and white. Obviously they are nothing compared to Elliot Erwitt`s photos but I hope you like them anyway!

My favourite photos of Elliot Erwitt`s were all the dog ones. Not because I`m a massive fan of dogs but just because, well I don`t actually know why... Anyway I walked past this lovely dog who was such a poser!

Looking into the kitchen of a fancy Gion restaurant.

Not a Geisha but even so, it`s nice to get a photo of someone wearing a kimono in Gion.

This tiny cat walked around in circles for a while before deciding to take the leap! 

These two dogs were having so much fun running along by the river getting lots of attention!

I love how the photo above looks like the dog is walking down a catwalk, kind of... well maybe it only looks like that to me.

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