Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kyokusui no utage festival

Yey another festival today!! Kyokusui no utage (often wrongly transled as Kyokusui no en,)at Jonangu shrine is an elegant poetry game played by men and women dressed in Heian costumes. They write poetry and then float them along a small stream for the next person to read along with cups of sake. It is based on a shrine ritual which used to take place in the Heian period.  This what it was suppossed to look like:

This photo is not mine I got it from the official Jonangu webite.
However  due to rain the plans changed a bit. This was dissapointing at first but they have the same festival in April which hopefully I will see and the up side to the weather was that it wasn`t very busy. Anyway it was still very interesting to watch the dancing, see the beautiful costumes and listen to Japanese poetry and music.

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  1. WOW looks so interesting!