Monday, 25 November 2013

Tokyo window displays

I still have so many things I havn`t blogged about yet from my trip to Tokyo in October. Here is a quick post with some photos I took of window displays along Omotesando. I love looking at how different stores arange their windows, unfortunately it is really hard to take pictures because of the reflections on the glass. The Coach window display caught my eye because of all the gold origami cranes. The Tommy Hilfiger window had an amazing arch of books, it looks like lots of separate books but surely it must all be one instalation for it to stay together? The Tod`s window was my favourite because it is so simple but it really stands out. I like how the Louis Vuitton display looks like a corridor of a fancy hotel. The final photo is a shop display I liked with a camper van.

Coach window display

Tommy Hilfiger window display

Tod`s window display

Louis Vuitton window display

Shop display


  1. I really love creative window displays too. I think the Tod's one caught my eye the most too even though it's simple, maybe because of the colors. I loved the gold cranes too. :)

    1. Glad you like window displays too! There are so many nice christmas ones at the moment which I want to photograph. Yes I think the Tod`s window maybe stands out because of the bright pink stripes.