Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Yokohama day trip

While in Tokyo last month I went for a day trip to Yokohama china town. After arriving at the station we walked to the harbour through a small park with lots of pretty flowers. Unfortunately it was quite a cloudy, rainy day but it was still nice to get away from the busy streets of Harajuku and Shibuya for a change.


After walking to the harbour we headed towards China Town, along with lots of kids on school trips. Below is a picture of the beautiful gate we walked through.

Of course there was panda everything! The shops were filled with various panda souvenirs; soft toys, sweets, stationary, socks etc. I bought some tiny panda rubbers in a cute bottle as I am a sucker for interesting stationary. I love the shop entrance above which is a panda`s open mouth! Also since this is Japan there was Hello Kitty dressed up as a panda!


  1. Yokohama looks like such a pretty city. It was the background for a drama I watched, so I kind of want to be silly and reenact some scenes there (haha!) and visit Chinatown. That Hello Kitty panda is soooo kawaii!

    1. Yes it was very pretty. I love visiting places where dramas I watch are set! You should definitely go and re-enact some scenes! haha!