Sunday, 1 December 2013

First day of advent!

The countdown to Christmas starts today! This would usually consist of me opening the first window on an advent calendar and eating the chocolate. But, they don`t exist in Japan. Well, they do, but behind the window isn`t a piece of chocolate but a picture.

However, a while ago I found this cute advent calendar where you can buy your own chocolate to put in. Yesterday I bought some chocolate and put three pieces in each pocket, one for each of us. However J didn`t quite understand it and thought we were supposed to eat them all on christmas day! After buying the chocolates we went to Shinshindou bakery and I bought a father christmas bread which I had for my breakfast this morning.

Then this afternoon I had fun going christmas shopping! At this time of year in England I often see people walking around with the tell tale roll of wrapping paper sticking out of their plastic bag. However I haven't seen this this in Japan, so while walking home I got quite a few funny looks as if my roll of wrapping paper was in fact a banner waving in the wind saying 'I believe in Father Christmas!'

advent calendar

first day of advent breakfast!

santa bread!

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