Thursday, 19 December 2013

Sushi Celebrations!


Yesterday was the final day of term at school! I can`t believe how fast the last three months have gone. We had a closing ceremony where I did a speech about the places around Japan which I have travelled to and want to travel to in the future. (Red face plus shaking hands equals extremely nervous. More nervous than when I did a speech last term which is strange.)

Then we all started crying. No, not because we were really sad it was the end of school but because we made paella and the room stank of onions. Nice. Anyway, it tasted good and afterwards some of us went to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant to celebrate.

Must dash, I have extremely important things to do such as putting up our miniscule christmas tree.


  1. Post some pictures of your tree! That sushi looks delicious by the way...the sushi here in Korea just doesn't even begin to compare :( x

    1. I will do :) It`s very tiny! The sushi was very delicious and cheap!