Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Okochi Sanso

One of the places I went to at the weekend was Okochi Sanso, the private villa of the silent film actor Okochi Denjiro. The gardens were designed with the intention of showing the best of all four seasons. It is particularly popular in autumn for it`s momiji and in spring for it`s sakura. Although the momiji was lovely I have been to places where it is more beautiful. Okochi Denjiro was very interested in Zen philosophy and there is Jibutsudo, small Buddhist Temple, which he built at the age of 19! There is also a small museum with photos and posters from his film`s.

Price: The entrance fee was expensive, ¥1000. However also included in the price are a postcard and a cup of green tea with a tradition Japanese sweet.

Location: The villa is located on the slopes of Mt. Ogura behind Tenryu-ji Temple and next to Arashiyama Park and the Sagano bamboo grove. The closest regular train station (about a 15 minute walk) is Arashiyama on the Keifuku Electric Railroad Arashiyama Main Line. Torokko Arashima Station on the special Sagano Scenic Railway is even closer.

The temple he built when he was 19

green tea and Japanese sweet

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