Friday, 27 June 2014

Take me outside, sit in the green garden...

Last weekend my lovely friend Sophie came round and we did a little photo shoot in the garden. She has recently started her own blog called The Beauty Boutique, so I was her photographer and she was mine! Check out the other half of the fashion shoot here!

This is the first time I have ever done an outfit post. It was really fun and I bet the neighbours were wondering what on earth we were up to, prancing around the garden taking photos! I love the shorts I am wearing which are so wide they look like a skirt. I bought them last summer from the Uniqlo collaboration with Celia Birtwell.

The title of this post is some lyrics taken from the gorgeous song Green Garden by Laura Mvula, go listen!

Blouse-H&M | Shorts-Uniqlo | Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

Me and my photographer!

What do you think of my first ever outfit post?


  1. It is great! I love black tights that go into black shoes and the shorts are right up my alley. You are gorgeous. I wish I had your figure!

    1. Aw thanks, that's so sweet of you! :) The shorts are unbelievably comfortable!

  2. Gorgeous photo and I love your overall outfit.

    Lilly. xx

  3. Aw lovely outfit! =)
    Please, check out my blog!


  4. you look so lovely Anna! i love that shirt - the colour really suits you, and it's so elegant :) x

    1. Thank you Miho! I love the colour of that shirt too!

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