Thursday, 13 February 2014

Festival food

Last Sunday I went to Yoshida Shrine to celebrate Setsubun. Like most festivals there were loads of interesting food stalls. I mentioned in my previous post that people often eat sardines at Setsubun, the aim being that the smell scares away the evil spirits! So of course there was a stall selling sardines.

They also had my favourite Japanese festival food: taiyaki. Taiyaki are fish shaped cakes with red bean paste inside. The red bean paste is made from sweeted azuki beans. I love these so much, if you ever find yourself at a Japanese festival you should try them!

Strawberries inside mochi balls


Making taiyaki

mmm taiyaki! My photo doesn't do them justice.

Sazae seafood

Rice crackers and sugared beans
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  1. You are so.lucky to live in Japan! The festival food in Taiwan does not vary and it is often quite limited to: stinky tofu (as appetizing as it sounds), corn on the cob, french fried covered corn dogs, squid and bubble tea. It looks like you have a lot more (yummy) options! :)

    1. I know, I love being here! At Japanese festivals there are always so many different types of food, it's great! Although we do also have average things like corn on the cob and hot dogs.