Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Roundup #4

MUGEN Fashion Works Exhibition
This week I have been:

Watching: the Winter Olympics. Come on Japan! We currently have 5 medals, including a gold medal in figure skating for the 19 year old Yuzuru Hanyu who broke a world record in the short programme.

Visiting: three exhibitions around Kyoto. One was a small fashion exhibition which I will write a post about later in the week. Another was an exhibition about the history of Japanese schools. Then we went to see the Asian premiere of South African artist William Kentridge's large scale video installation, 'The Refusal of Time.'  It was very unusual and although I found it very interesting I didn't really understand what it was about, something to do with time, relativity and black holes...

Making: yatsuhashi. There are various types of yatsuhashi, the type I made is called otabe. It is a traditional Japanese sweet consisting of a triangle of dough similar to mochi. Inside is usually red beans. It was fun making them and they tasted really good!

Blogging: about how Valentine`s Day is celebrated in Japan. Did you know that only women buy chocolates in Japan?

Listening: to Money on my Mind by Sam Smith.



  1. Wow, how awesome that only women buy chocolates in japan. It's the complete opposite in England and in Germany they don't really celebrate it! So cool how different countries do it.

    1. I know, it's so unusual! Very interesting how different countries celebrate.