Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly Roundup #3

This week I have been:

Watching: American Hustle. Went to the cinema this afternoon, my first visit to a cinema since coming to Japan. Japanese cinemas are so much cleaner and spacious than english cinemas! Really enjoyed the film, great story, amazing bunch of actors and wonderful costumes!

Posing: for photos in a purikura photo booth! I have seen these photo booths all over Japan but have never tried one. Today I tried it with my friend for the first time, it was so silly but so much fun!

Throwing: beans around the house to scare away the devil. This was part of the Setsubun celebrations which I was going to blog abot this week but never got round to doing. 

Blogging: about nothing, oops...

Listening: to Selfies by Nina Nesbitt.

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